Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tingling Pains in Wrists

Niteworks (7/23/2004)
Since the introduction of Niteworks I put my 87 yr year old mother-in-law on the product as well as our selves. (56 & 57) For years and years she complained of sharp, tingling pains in her wrists. So bad they affected her sleep. She would wear a wrist band to alleviate the pain. Since using Niteworks, (and within a week of starting), she no longer has the problem. Doctors couldn't treat it but Niteworks did. She swears by it. We also do. Both our blood pressures are excellent and overall feeling is great. Sleep is a joy. I have always been a light sleeper and consequently have had dark circles under my eyes. By using Niteworks and the Herbalife program, sleep is fantastic and my eyes look great! Committed for life.

Bill Diamond Tacoma, WA


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